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"View from a few bleachers down"

The view from a few bleachers down

  • Tom Noonan to John Adams, seeing this poster at an SME Reunion. “I don’t know about you, but I would never have hung out with those fat girls in high school.”

I think we look great, but he’s got a point. While the low angle shot gives us presence and is symbolically appreciated, it was unflattering to the thighs and the neckline and face, an area where we stored teenage fat.

Here’s another. The comparisons to domestic interiors and objects:  this is a genetic thing passed from father to son in a family I’m around a lot.

  • “She’s about the size of that refrigerator.”
  • “Her bottom is as wide as that doorway. There’s a reason why you don’t see it in photographs.”
  • “___’s as big as a barn.”  This is actually a western Kansas favorite from my mother’s side, the Wards.
"Marc B. at the Las Vegas, NM Depot"

Marc B at the Las Vegas, NM Depot

Now, Marc, if you get the internet I’ll take this off.  And I will mostly remember that you took me to see the oldest metal clad building across from the Depot in Las Vegas before I got back on the interstate. But, after asking if I had a sister, your last words were commenting on the local produce, “I don’t want a woman with three stomaches.” Quit while you’re ahead.

In Marc’s defense, he did say he’d just had surgery and had gained a little weight.

This being said, please don’t stop with the great stuff, I won’t use your name.

Just accept that we’re all goddesses at every size and you’ll be fine.

Venus of Willendorf, Austria, 18,000 BC

Venus of Willendorf, Austria, 18,000 BC, cast of stone original

"Cycladic idol"

Cycladic idol, Syros, c. 2500 BC

"Seated Goddess"

Seated Goddess, Catal Huyuk, c. 5900 BC, baked clay

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