Baby don’t crack, at least not our system.

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Baby Don't Crack

Baby Don’t Crack


I found this porcelain baby doll in a little side table that had moved with me in the last four moves in the last 2 years. It was my daughter’s and while I was sad it was broken, I mended it and knew it was still here for I’d forgotten details like this.

It wasn’t going away and it would stay with her, just as the porcelain dolls of my Great Grandmother had stayed within our family. And just possibly, it might stay with her daughter if she chose that path and had a girl child which is such a privilege. As my cousins said when Lacy was born, “we think you had the best kind.” [which is not to insult my son, Jack].

It made me feel happy that somehow I was connected with all the women in my own family, and in my former husband’s family, that we had contributed to the work of the world to hope to make it a better place for those after us. Or at least, to give something while we were here, whether we were Doctors, or mothers, or executives, or writers or architects, or spouses or co-owners or whatever made up “The team” to have a family of whatever sort.

So here’s a poem that came to mind when I saw the baby doll and wanted to cry, for it was happy drops….For the Future! Life rolls on…spin with it!


Baby Don’t Crack

Baby Don’t Cry

Mama be back

Daddy can fly!

We all have wings

We all have cages

Never quite lines up

Just happens in stages…

S’okay Sukie GG Coco

Jessie, Yogi, Amy, Popo

Annie, Kathy,

Lol & Wendy

Too far ahead

but never trendy.

God is Good…

God is great…

Let us thank him for our food.

See the point!

Don’t be late!

Life is SHORT

BUT we all are GREAT!

Mildred Lee Ward and Paul Roy Ward

Dance With Who Brung you

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"Cathy Faber, Bill Hearne, John Inmon, Gruene Hall

Cathy Faber, Bill Hearne, John Inmon. Gruene Hall.

I first heard “Dance with who Brung you” from Bill and Bonnie Hearne at the Adobe Bar at Taos Inn, the living room of Taos. And it is on their great CD, Celebration! from the La Fiesta lounge at La Fonda Hotel. But, I don’t want to pirate and can’t find a u-tube, so the above version is also fun.

You’ve got to dance with who brung you, swing with who swung you, life ain’t a 40 yard dash. Stay in it for the long run, in the long run you’ll have more fun if you dance with who brung you to the bash.
Bill Hearne, from Celebration! Live at La Fonda with Bonnie.

First heard at Adobe Bar, Bill and Bonnie live, Taos Inn. An Adams Family Christmas in Taos.

  • dance when the music’s playing, even alone in No Man’s Land. And if you came by yourself, make sure you are first on your dance card.

Plurality: Little Love, women have many husbands.Not Dan Rockhill. He has a quote.

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Dan RockhillDan Rockhill

Why would anyone want more than one wife?  Dan the Man, KU circa 1991. see Marvin Hall

Well, I would suggest multiple husbands. And, living on a ranch and being pretty isolated, I always thought that Big Love sounded like a blast for the women. It seems like a nightmare for Bill Paxton. I have a sneaking suspicion that many happy people are really only connecting with their spouses in whatever way, dinner, deep talks, budget discussions, logistics, social a few times a week, if even that.  Here are my current.

  • The philosophical Mennonite contractor, I’ll fix the wood slider doors on the closet one time, Ken.
  • The handyman Delbert Cash who can explain everything I didn’t learn or understand in my dumbed down for architects KU engineering classes and doesn’t even turn off the electricity when changing plates from cream to white, tough guy.
  • The honeydo, Thomas Cash, who follows every intricate thought process of getting lights on at Christmas.  Also detects micromanagement, “didn’t John want some sandwiches for the horse shoer” during cord placement
"Delbert and Thomas Cash, Paula's bathroom

Delbert and Thomas Cash in Paula's 1960 bathroom, reducing the carbon footprint XIT style

  • The flat tire fixers, at Don’s Farm Tire, Plains Co-op, Clingan’s, Weaver’s, and stray men along 54 hwy.
  • The shared cowboys: Corey Rickard, Dustin Ellis, Cooper, H.G. (these are really shared cowboy sons) and Kell Adams
Dustin & Corey unloading a bench at guest house

Dustin & Corey unloading a bench at the guest house

"Tanner Rollins, H.G. and Cooper Adams, Nat'l Geographic Dec 07, p. 122

Tanner Rollins, H.G. and Cooper Adams, Nat'l Geogrpahic Dec 07, p. 122

Paula and Kell Adams

Paula and Kell Adams, early in their relationship when they were both a little uptight

  • And of course, the sweet smile and companion husband, the boss man.

John waving

Got to ride this one out…

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Just Gotta ride this one out.

Partial Picture of the XIT Branding Crew Lineup. Lacy Adams in blue with her handsome cousin Cooper (yes the National Geographic Cowboy Cousin who received calls..) to her left.

Upstate New York and of the City, Mary Beth P., to the Graves girls, three married women in their 50s. Inn at Loretto hotel room before heading out for the night, Dec 4, 2010.

A few from my mother

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"Ginny and Dean, Officer Training School Graduation

"Ginny and Dean, Officer Training School Graduation, circa 1958, Quantico or Camp LeJeune?

“The first day that your father went off to Basic Training at Quantico, he was told that a Marine is married first to the Marine Corps and second to his wife.”


"Dean Graves, makin'em laugh

the deaner, makin'em laugh

“I’d like to tell you differently but it never gets any easier.” GG, the Nelson Art Lady to her daughters.


The best man at my wedding

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Mare and colt with a stud.

Mare and colt with a stud.

The beautiful yogi mother of 6, the Wichita Falls decorator, and the late Washington lobbyist. “He wore them out” said my friend who is an artist, a house flipper a decade before the term, and grew up on a ranch in Colorado. She knows the rancher man-type.

He certainly didn’t wear them down and continued to keep company with intelligent and interesting women throughout his life.