Here Come de Judge…

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Rose is Moonlighting…

Lady & The Stamp

I don’t really know

If I should say it is so

The Rose actin’ nifty

But a little bit shifty


She’s aware we be movin’

Relieved we’ll be groovin’!

At least so we hope

Asked all but the Pope.


And no guarantees

Of roads or of access

Of ‘biz’? residential?

Research be my Praxis


But yet I have found

With all of the seeking

Don’t often get answers. No Matter.


jus’ what you be leaking…?


Not of me for of course

I am Open Book

But if paying or paid

It’s not fair to look!


For no-sin’ can be nosy

And yours is so flat

So think’n  it’s Rosey

On the side, it’s not Phat!


But here’s why I think 

The Rose is Moonlight’n…


Suddenly when needed

was a notar-y

There appeared Rose

Her paw on my knee.


“Just iPhone it, now..!.

Don’t think you have time

To run all around

The stamp can be mine.”


So I sez to my Pet

‘So how is it legal?

She said, “got my stamp

Because I’m so Regal.”


Well didn’t surprise me

She is quite the Queen…

But how does it pass…

On the line or between?


She said, “it’s a chip…

At the Spa they implant…

Don’t ask any questions

Or go off on a rant…”


Just pay my $5

Or salmon will do

Sardines on the side

Nice tip would be, too.”


But I really dunno?

Something else isn’t right

She’s shifty and loose

Not mad and uptight.


I’m glad she feels purpose

As work gratifi’n

But somehow her nosin’

Now feels like she’s spy’in


I mean when one claims

That their paw is a witness

‘To what?’ I would say?

For God is the litmus…!


But I’m glad she’s ‘in

With the powers that be

Perhaps will sustain her

At least support me!



So what can I say?

The papers she sign

We closed on the house

Stars begin to align

Mothers last Home.

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Looking at houses

Who wudda’ thunk?

I’d find just the places

With all the right funk

Better Behavior....


Because it’s just structure

Bones the best part

Steel beams and girders

Understand now the Art


But only because

‘Minds me to return

To Joints and to Tendons…

soluvial burn…


Walk or the Walker… Heels ? Big Toe Feels… Stretch? Or the Stretcher?


But Buddy & Sukie

There was also a Place

I’m only suggesting

A lovely nice Space.

Fountains of Couth while Facing The Truth...At Casas Adobes.

Fountains of Couth while Facing The Truth…At Casas Adobes.


Gallery… Nice!

& maybe some clay?

In last final moments

At max one week stay.


I’m sure there’s a hot tub

That has some Wi-Fi

And if modem don’t work

Will have button…to fry!

Pony Up! If you want Express!

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Larry Sorters is a friend, worked for the XIT, and is a landowner.

So, when everyone is still working their way through their inbox,


flagging for priority,

keeping WAY too much

and still thinking “I better have a paper backup”….

I thought this video was appropriate.

And thinking of that “rule” my other taught me that she’d learned at some “tips for success” seminar of her era….

to “Never touch a piece of Paper Twice….”

And thinking of a friend’s daughter who works with “Paperwork Reduction Act”

who had recently attended a seminar at Getty Foundation that said paper was the best archival record…..

And wondering if that also was a different ink, a different paper, a different era?

And understanding that there really are some efficiencies in accessing ALL THIS INFO online, when it all works and systems “go” assumed….

How are We Going to Manage ALL THIS INFORMATION?

That’s a open ended question…please post.


Rose is a Rose…Yet unformed.

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Adorned and Unformed, that is The Rose.
When No One’s Around,
She strikes a Pose.



It’s Time to Work
but was taught to Play…

Toil’d at night
turmoil’d by day…

Her hi plains and low plains,
all over the Spectrum…
Without a filter,
Pleaseteeth‘ not the r.Ct.m!”

The Delight-ful Garden of Earth...Thank you, Mr. Bosch and the Museo del Prado by way of Helen Gardner's Art Through the Ages, 7th Edition.

The Delight-ful Garden of Earth…Thank you, Mr. Bosch and the Museo del Prado by way of Helen Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, 7th Edition.

Rose & Orange Felt Flower.

Rose & Orange Felt Flower.

But maybe can Learn
to ‘Rein it In...

Stop the churn
pick up the Pen.

Sew herself up
with velvet and flax

A Fine yoga pillow
Shavasana Max.

Find Some sort of Mid-dle
Perhaps in the ‘taile’

For circles and curls
perhaps weren’t a Snail…

But A Serpent’s Dance…







…….just waiting to Prance!

So, tame the attack
and temper the fear…

Just Begin,
a Pro-cess
gets clear.


Roses and Poses
with her You can play

For Rose is unformed
But yet…
can-Not stay…

This way. 

not even near….

The End.

Strategy…meeting Garry.

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Meeting Garry Kasparov.


I’m “testing” some stuff but thought I might as well share Wed. night’s Plaza Library Events and the subsequent shared family texts. So, don’t look for substance in this first post in about a YEAR, it’s more of a technical ‘back in the saddle’ of wordpress and the new responsive app. I AM PLEASED. Thank you [I don’t want to say name of company until I ask them] for such good work.

Kasparov began with addressing the Soviet philosophy of rule by propaganda with mental intimidation being manifest in their grooming of youth to be world leaders at Chess. So, I of course thought of my son and his father playing Chess when Jack was in grade school. I share that below.

I thought he handled the questions very well, especially in giving no comment to the mention of Edward Snowden except to say (and I’m paraphrasing from memory)…

“Do you mean am I going to talk about security and privacy in America? No. Edward Snowden told secrets of American Government and he is now in prison in Russia.”

Okay! Got it! 

Didn’t appear a fan of current administration from perspective of lack of credibility in enforcing word (stick). Also mentioned difficulty for Europe to “bond” with U.S. Government when each administration swings to extremes on pendulum, but didn’t touch the audience person stating that the two party system was broke.

Hmmm…what else…? Much more, here is the book. Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.33.35 AM

And, I had to share the picture with family because I did inadvertently meet Garry up close and personal.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.27.59 AMIMG_1691


A Good Funny, Jack! Mom was listening and you always make me laugh…this is GREATLY appreciated. We never talked about your era of chess players and mine, but I believe the Bobby Fisher game was the same summer as Watergate. I remember because at Sherwood Forest Camp, they set up the TV in the Lodge and we saw both the game and the hearings.

Bob Hope and Bobby Fisher Chess Game

The Spartans Cheer at Chess and are Dressed down by the Chess Team…(Go to SNL…don’t think I can embed these links).

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 4.01.18 PM

So what does one do?

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 4.02.49 PM

The Perfect Cheer! So, if you were ever a chess player or a cheerleader or yell leader, go to to see this video if you want to feel fond of everyone in your high school. And, here’s Bobby Fischer with Bob Hope, not to steal Garry’s Winter thunder. Enjoy the Art, Funny, and Games that bring the world together at the Table.

Thank you, Garry for the Stop in KC. Thank you Crosby Kemper for the Great Programming.

And anyone watching, please share if you remember where you were when you saw Bobby Fisher or Kasparov play Chess in the World Championship. And, mostly, selfishly, if there is anything technically that doesn’t work in this site!