le sketch du jour: les hommes en bicyclettes. June 17, 1980.

by admin

June 17, 1980 cntd.

Arrived at Hotel Campanile in Orléans at 6 pm.  Cindy (Bean) and I went for a 20 minute run & had our fist contact with Frenchmen.  They rode bikes (stingrays) and were probably about 10 & 12 years old.  They insisted on following us on their bikes and asking questions very rapidly.  It is very hard to run at the same time you are trying to understand, formulate and respond in French.  Good practice for us, little boys aren’t as intimidating.

les gentilhommes qui roulent

Dinner-hotel at 8:00 pm. sausages, boiled beef, vegetables and les pommes frites!

Hotel is nice-I have a room with Ginna Ghetto & Cindy.

$- 9 francs for stamps (timbres-poste). 2.4 francs for postcards (cartes-postales).






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