August 29, 2011. A text from Lace…

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Text I rec’d at 12:15 today….  [and I was on a roll…crossfit at 5, home washing face at 7, at desk ever since…the joys of having adult children]

“Mom-try to check your email whenever you have the chance!”

This was the email I looked at at 1:45 pm, since we’d had a boundary talk about communication.  I was trying not to drop everything in an effort to mirror availability when contacting one another…you know…two weeks adult child = two hrs. mom.
From: Lacy Adams <>
Subject: Re: Grey shift dress and shoes
Date: August 29, 2011 11:13:05 AM CDT
To: Paula Adams <>

“I didn’t realize it was so soon – but we have our first party (the Botar Buffet) this Thursday where we meet our escorts. This is the party that is the Kentucky Derby theme – I need to figure out what I’m going to wear!!!”
– Lacy Adams

text to Lacy at 2:08 pm…

Lace sorry to text [this as an aside, not in text…I’m trying to be on-the-text-wagon but the company I keep is making it difficult…] but I’m on it with Genevieve with hat dress and shoes. U r not obligated! I had fun but I’ll send you pics in a bit. luv mom.

email to Lacy…2:35 pm…on the way out of the door to Towne East in Wichita. 

From: Paula Adams <>

Subject: Derby attire

Date: August 29, 2011 2:36 PM CDT

To: Lacy Adams <>

I’m checking Von Maur. There is one possibility that might be good for someone smaller. As the Derby is a summer event, the summer hats most like this have all been sent back. I will send you pictures as soon as possible with some ideas and will be in KC Wed. night to deliver to you as I am driving in from Wichita for the Parents Cocktail Party. I also am hoping that this FB post might gather some other mothers or women in for the challenge! We can do it! Nothing better than feeling needed :). I hope you think this is funny. love, mom.

[I posted this and photo below to FB, hoping for faster communication and some tips from other women. It seems to be a genetic thing in our family to communicate through social media as fastest medium]

googled "Kentucky Derby Hats" and saw this as an option...

3:00 pm, Facebook post from Julayne Ramsey appeared on my wall….so sweet and so” other mother” not to disappoint…

“this is not the best photo…it was taken in the mid 90’s some work deal…But I was showing off my hat…..too bad I don’t have it anymore…I was reading your post and found this.”


Aug. 29, 2011 3:02 pm…

Text to Genevieve at Brick’s, Wichita:   This is felt and 78. Something someone (who?) would potentially wear again who wears hats. Not us…

[Toni, Genevieve, Marilyn and Gail are the team of stylists for the Adams women who know all the available clothes and shoes better than I do as I have bought everything here for the last 6 years and keep it all forever. It is all timeless. Genevieve Gordon’s family owned Brick’s in downtown Wichita back in the day. She lets me borrow her purses and hats.]

The felt one someone might wear again, $78. Dillard’s.

Aug. 29, 3:04 pm…

Text to Genevieve:

 this one kind of dull slick like microfiber and to me looks most like the derby hats online that were the alternative to the big brim one side up and one side down. It is $108 which is way more than I want to spend. But since Derby is over, I can’t be picky. I guess someone might go to another Derby party in their lifetime or the actual Derby?

the most like the Derby Hats online…or I thought…looks like something from Alice in Wonderland in this picture…

Aug. 29, 3:06 pm…

Text to Genevieve:

This one has a slight flip up at the edge like two inches (curved up) and the curve is very structured plus the flat top slants so it’s just quite the combo. In the last one the bow is almost just like a free loop of structured satin, and kind of freely more artful tack with a few wispy feathers. so my gut is with that but you know, not I. TY so much for the Chin luu suggestion that I have that is perfect. What shoes?

Aug. 29, 3:08 pm.

Text to Paula from Genevieve and Toni:

We like the first one the best!

Aug. 29, 3:12 pm.

Brringg…brrinnggg..!!!….Call from Genevieve to I-phone (who is 3 weeks from delivering and not working today by the way….I hope I don’t have to bother her in labor…)

Genevieve to Paula: Yes, the first black felt one is the best.

Paula to Genevieve: Okay, I’m heading to Von Maur. Will send you the last picture in a minute.

Aug. 29, 3:18 pm.

Text to Genevieve: This is not a great pic may try for another but have to sneak.

self-photo at Von Maur with Cosy helping me…ssshhh..illegal photo and they are very strict about this, I’ve tried before…Cosy could be fired.

Text from Genevieve in team effort with Toni:  We like this one the best!

Aug. 29, 3:25 pm. Punishing them for good behavior…

Text to Genevieve:

What shoes? I’m wearing the French whore shoes (the pink and black patent platforms with cutouts) so I could just leave those up there except maybe inconvenient since I can’t take off until 9pm and I have to drive back, so if you have another idea that is good, too. TY so much for checking on the navy blue suede Chi Mihara shoes and for getting the cocktail party shorts done. Takes a village of women….

And here’s the finale, the email pièce de résistance….(since most recent at top, read from bottom up).

Sent from my iPhone
Begin forwarded message:
From: Lacy Adams <>
Date: August 29, 2011 4:36:50 PM CDT
To: Paula Adams <>
Subject: Re: Derby party.
Hi mom,
So when is your cocktail party?? I just found out this derby party was THIS Thursday. Is yours this Wednesday night?
Mom – this is the cutest pic though. So cute. Oh my goodness I love it. You’re so lucky that you know Genevieve and all of these ladies to give you such good fashion advice… I seriously just LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!
Well, I’m driving back to Lawrence tonight – but Tuesday night and Thursday night for sure I’m staying at Sara Liechti’s (her address is – 4949 Wornall Road)
I love you a lot & I’m thinking of you. I can’t get over how cute this pic is!!!!!! How expensive was the hat? Seriously for all of these dresses that you’ve let me wear and dresses that you have purchased for me – if you feel that you want any reimbursement just let me know. Seriously.
xoxo, Lace
On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 4:09 PM, Paula Adams <> wrote:

The final 'fit for the 'ffair.

I checked out three hats at dillards which i hate which were expensive and all kind if over the top and sent to Genevieve at bricks and posed the challenge.

Then to Von maur for last option to see cody who had described this tasteful peau de soie with a soft boyish tie and wavy ( like a ruffle ) band.

Genevieve and Toni at bricks chose the latter which was half the price and twice the taste. She also said do the chan luu which I got on sale from her in fall 2008 and u wore to granddads funeral with the little petal shreds.

The shoes are the ” all black” ( I call them French whore) black and pale pink platforms which I will wear Wednesday night so I’ll have to meet you after this cocktail party which is at 61st and Terrace and over at 8:30. Are you still commuting from Lawrence and if not where are you living?

Don’t feel obligated to any of this, it was fun for everyone on your skilled team (which i am not one  of!)and I can take back the hat but do let me know how to drop off if you’d like.

Thanks for emailing me hon.
mother of the independent new assistant accountant executive in marketing at osborne and barr who also has always done everything for herself including fashion.  I’m so enjoying the moment and think you have a great team of stylists who know all our available wardrobe choices from 2006 on, shoes, dresses, jackets.

They said to call anytime!  1-316-681-0361 and ask for Genevieve, Toni, Marilyn, Gail, or Erin. 

Sent from my iPhone

Done!  Everything in red conveys tremendous satisfaction and love. 

3 comments on “August 29, 2011. A text from Lace…

  • Just had the best hour+ reading and enjoying your up-to- the minute action with Lacy and re-living and learning and viewing your great sketches and experiences from France in the ’80’s ….A wonderful trip back in time and also a nice dimensional summarization of Robin M and what her friendship has meant to you and the Adams family…You are doing a sensational job of bring this all together ..
    Love, Dad

  • Hi Mom – the party was great they took pictures. 🙂 I’m looking forward to you seeing them. The hat, the shoes & the dress all went together very nicely. A lot of people commented on my dress and shoes too. love you. I just really appreciate you doing all of this for me. You don’t have to do it but you still do. It really is appreciated.

  • Oh, happy days! Hi Dad and Lace. As I said, the Lee-Ward-Graves women all designed to communicate through social media and it’s finally here. GG and Great way before their time :). Hope all having a wonderful Labor Day. love, daughter and mother.

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