Baby don’t crack, at least not our system.

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Baby Don't Crack

Baby Don’t Crack


I found this porcelain baby doll in a little side table that had moved with me in the last four moves in the last 2 years. It was my daughter’s and while I was sad it was broken, I mended it and knew it was still here for I’d forgotten details like this.

It wasn’t going away and it would stay with her, just as the porcelain dolls of my Great Grandmother had stayed within our family. And just possibly, it might stay with her daughter if she chose that path and had a girl child which is such a privilege. As my cousins said when Lacy was born, “we think you had the best kind.” [which is not to insult my son, Jack].

It made me feel happy that somehow I was connected with all the women in my own family, and in my former husband’s family, that we had contributed to the work of the world to hope to make it a better place for those after us. Or at least, to give something while we were here, whether we were Doctors, or mothers, or executives, or writers or architects, or spouses or co-owners or whatever made up “The team” to have a family of whatever sort.

So here’s a poem that came to mind when I saw the baby doll and wanted to cry, for it was happy drops….For the Future! Life rolls on…spin with it!


Baby Don’t Crack

Baby Don’t Cry

Mama be back

Daddy can fly!

We all have wings

We all have cages

Never quite lines up

Just happens in stages…

S’okay Sukie GG Coco

Jessie, Yogi, Amy, Popo

Annie, Kathy,

Lol & Wendy

Too far ahead

but never trendy.

God is Good…

God is great…

Let us thank him for our food.

See the point!

Don’t be late!

Life is SHORT

BUT we all are GREAT!

Mildred Lee Ward and Paul Roy Ward

New Red Shoes.

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Friends show up in homey places…

Depot, Las Vegas, New Mexico. Jan 2014.

Depot, Las Vegas, New Mexico. Jan 2014.

we never really knew them.

Then nor now….

but somehow….

Rhythm kinda soothin’


for the drama and the dance

energy.. words…non-romance….

xmas lights and nighttime drives

quiet… quiet…place….2lives…


take the fork, be on our way! 

time rolls on…plan  the day!


But year be New

….& plans not working‘ !!!!??

take the call!     don’t be smirking’…

Bacon-eggs & hopeful blues…

Nothing like Harry’s & New Red Shoes. 


Happy 2014.  

Home to pens of Kansas, ready to re-load. It’s all in the mind….