‘Well…I (guess I?) see a resemblance…’ 😳

by admin

Portraits of others can be a bit tricky.
When I do my friends,  can get a bit sticky.

When I do my family, it makes me weepy.

But hung in their houses, I fear they find creepy.


The Jackster.

An Unfinished Cowboy.

Lacy and Mei Rose on kilim ottoman.











That’s why I stick with me and with dogs…

with brush or pencil and also in blogs.


Paula with Andy Warhol Flower bolo tie.

They hang in my house like a visual eulogy…

dogs that have passed or a self  re-new-logy.

Expectations of outcome do get in the way.

Of attempting a likeness on any given day.

Rosie Posey.

Phil in Field, XIT.So, just as with yoga,  I stretch and go do…though I’ve just painted cows, they had a good moo!



Black and Red Baldies.

XIT in West Lane.