Pony Up! If you want Express!

by admin

Larry Sorters is a friend, worked for the XIT, and is a landowner.

So, when everyone is still working their way through their inbox,


flagging for priority,

keeping WAY too much

and still thinking “I better have a paper backup”….

I thought this video was appropriate.

And thinking of that “rule” my other taught me that she’d learned at some “tips for success” seminar of her era….

to “Never touch a piece of Paper Twice….”

And thinking of a friend’s daughter who works with “Paperwork Reduction Act”

who had recently attended a seminar at Getty Foundation that said paper was the best archival record…..

And wondering if that also was a different ink, a different paper, a different era?

And understanding that there really are some efficiencies in accessing ALL THIS INFO online, when it all works and systems “go” assumed….

How are We Going to Manage ALL THIS INFORMATION?

That’s a open ended question…please post.