Learning by Doing: Christopher Elbow

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And an Angel in white Chef's Jacket bearing chocolate appeared before me...

And an Angel in white Chef’s Jacket bearing chocolate appeared before me…


Some days are just like this….

I’m walking thru Hall’s…NOT spending money…

(probably depressed as I lost my eye bobs again…researching the next pair)

feeling a little blind,

a little lost,

perhaps a vow of poverty is starting to look noble…

but really I’m thinking I’ve lost my way.


And suddenly, an Angel [in white jacket] appeared before me

And spoke to me…

He said, “follow Me…

[I actually think it  was Jesus who said this, but to me he sent this angel]

And he told me about how he had learned to paint such beautiful pictures…

He said he learned by trying stuff, by doing it. 


Yearn, Learn

See, Taste

Play, Paint….

Work Really Hard

Voilà!  Chocol’art!

merci bien pour le chocolat, made my day mr. Elbow.


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Advice:  Henry B.

My fren’d, Henry.  Henry went to Penn State.

H “I’m gonna make me a-sign…it’s gonna say
Advice:  Five dolla’s .”

P:   “For How long, Henry? How much time?”

H:  “Fifteen minutes. THAT’S IT“.

P:   “Well Henry…. what if the person takes that long to tell you their story?”

“I mean, then you’ll have to go into overtime before you even begin to get to your work.

And then they’ll  say, ‘Hey, I’m not payin’ you that! You only talked a few minutes…!?'”
H:  “ah….well….”  (thinking)
“win ah kin see days’ gonna go on an’ on an’ tell me all dair bidness an all deez utha’ stories instead-a jes’ gettin’ to the point, ah just interrupt’en-em an say, ‘ah, dat’s fahve dolla for fahve minnits…’ “
P:   “well… how com you never did that ta me?”
H:  “well… I could see here’s sum-won who trusted otha’ people.”

“And, dat you maht’ need some learnin’ ’bout stuff.

Becuz yu had all deez thingses goin on’s …

and go’in ons in yoh ha-id
an’ dat you might jes’ needed a fren…”

Henry in Blue Ball Cap and Tucson T, Paula post-Yoga, 39th & Main.

Henry in Blue Ball Cap and Tucson T, Paula post-Yoga, 39th & Main.



Walk Around the Block: Henry Brown.

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I’m starting a new category called, “Walk Around the Block.” No, it is not the wonderful teacher’s training manual for integrating Built Environment Education into the classroom curriculum. It is an opportunity to walk around my block and see my neighborhood. I have been here a year and everyone’s pretty busy, but I do hope that some of you will come to visit me personally at 39th and Walnut. I’ll tell you more about my building later… but back to the introductions to my Missouri friends….

This is Henry Brown. He needs no introduction. His post is at the corner of 39th and Warwick. Long before now, I was confident that he had friends all over the city, from all walks of life. Any open-hearted person would be engaged by dapper Henry. He flashes a big smile, waves a friendly hello. If a new face has time to stop, he’s open to learning from a new soul. Some, as I, continue to get his time, attention, work and wisdom.

Emmet (left), Henry (right).
39th and Warwick, Hyde Park, Kansas City, Missouri.


I’ll start with this picture of Henry & Emmett who also lives in this building. I intend to get you one of Emmett’s drawings in another post. Il et artiste extroadinaire et il habite dans la meme appartement avec Henri Brun. Emmet needs a kidney.  I hope he is well when this post meets the blog. His drawings were in my kitchen at Hyde Park. They were intricate, fine, composed and came from nothing formal but a relationship to a power within himself to create.

I may be moving from here in the future. I did check out their rent vs. mine in the Illinois and I would like to stay in the neighborhood. It might not be what is in my cards. My Grandmother lived to be 97 and that’s 45 more years of rent in Missouri with all of it’s color and joy, bright lights, screams, brown paper bags of 39th and Main.

I’m probably heading for the burbs, back to Kansas… where the great big sunflowers grow. Hoping that past might give me a future for I really have nothing to contribute here, politics and people where I have yet to find place, no history except a past of 30 years ago forgotten. I need to go where I have roots, where I built something, contributed to a place, before I forget that it mattered, that I mattered.

I hope my friends will stay with me. I know Henry Brown’s words will stay with me. Stay tuned.

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