Dr. Gall and Dr. Hall

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Screen shot of a Dr. that isn’t Patrick Dempsey, but IS very cute and if my computer was working I would have purchased it for use.

Maybe this was Dr. Gall as a little boy?

Dr Hall and Dr Gall/Rx-Rated
Texting is hard,
drawing, too…
But they are my work.
And numbness? It grew…
So I went walk in’
My friend who painted
his house had it, too.
I shopped around…
and looked over creds.
until I found
Chicago-land threads.
And what a surprise!
Not just tendon strings…
But soft, Rumpled linen,
fine threads & NICE things…
Was Efficient with me.
‘Rambles…,” notes said.
But he listened. Absorbed…
[I’m surprised my mind fed….
…anything sane,
for all I could ponder…
Was ‘if clothes made the man’,
then This Man made Mind Wander….!]
He said ‘You’re older!’
            ‘You are going to hurt.’
But this didn’t phase me
Eyes… High alert.
In my mind (while I babbled)
My numb fingers twitching…
Oh, to fondle those curls
Would be so bewitching…
But then, time was up.
The X-rays were done.
He prescribed some nerve testing
said “I quit long runs.
Later, saw notes
“thinks she’s 20 years younger.”
I wasn’t fazed…
more solution to hunger.
Notes said ‘complains of’
[no strokes from my Proctor
for my yoga or running] just
Stay clear of the doctor!”
There was a follow up
steamy August day.
Now ‘dirty white bucks’ via
Yes, here was The Real
McDreamy Midwest.
’Til later I found…
another,  same Quest.
To halt the angst of
Head and of Neck…
for when No Sleep,
after work, I’m a wreck.
So one year later,
Dr Gall, coffee date-a
With his wife, I did meet
Knew her, ‘sister’ Theta.
We were waiting in line
in historic gas station
for coffee and scones
…Was it my ‘magination?
Saw Corny, met hub
’love ur wife’, (@ Hat Place).
‘Me 2’ Doc said,
‘when she sits on my face.’
Anne just dismissed.
(They are non-conformal)
…In office and life…
as if it were normal.
I imagined all kinds..
Of performance in tandem…
amongst ‘hipaa’ paper…
X-rays all a’ random.
So, oh Dr. Gall,
talk dirty to your Wife.
And Please, Dr Hall,
give me lashings for life!
For yes, altho’ Doctors
remind us we’re old…
we still must touch base
each decade of Gold…
….-den years-Life is short!
Remind us we’re tingling
in loins … I meant limbs
…. ergonomics ring-ling’lin…
So I will just say
If you are texting away…
and used your Hands
& Knuckles to Play.
Go see my McSteamies
The State Line Men.
Heroes of Carpal
Jus’ Tunnel on in.
And don’t bother rambling,
just get to the point.
‘Right or left quadrant
Numbed by cervical joint.’
But then when he says
what He  might do next…
interrupt and say
‘Just send me a text’.
For at times all it takes
for pain to be free
Is Harsh (un)Dressing Down
‘Talk dirty 2 me!’
The names of characters in the above geriatric ditty have been changed to protect the innocent. And, if there are any similarities between fictitious characters and actual persons in the Kansas City area, the admin will gladly remove this from site or at least password enable the post. The poet understands there are children and parents and college admissions and weddings and funerals and luncheons and charity benefits and Jr. League to be considered; plus, one day maybe grandchildren, not to speak of our memberships in different orders.

‘They must work out…’ of the area.

by admin

And it was HOT…!

I just returned from a stimulating trip to Prescott yesterday and was sharing my adventures with a friend from grade school, now in Kansas City. He had gone to college at U of A and had very successful work appointments in Tucson, though just recently he took a job in Olathe and moved to Overland Park  to be closer to his family.

We often talk of what we are doing now, what we still hope to do, and in my case, if I’m having enough fun before I die, or at least before I lose the motivation to have fun. Fun IS work.

Great stuff.

I had mentioned that I hit the closest Starbucks, parked, walked the square where I listened to the orator speak about history, this country, religion and other things. It’s on my facebook page, public, FYI. 

NO! But, y’all have fun…they did allow phones and I have no idea how they control this rule, personally. It seems like it would be a lot of unnecessary time to enforce, but it’s probably a liability thing.


The Faux Cowgirl…my philosophy? If you lived there, (and cooked), you can wear the Hat! My First.

This is where I bought my hat, in case you are interested. It’s on the square.

Hat Selection inside Drawn West…+ straw, np.

Then, I went to a rodeo where unfortunately I ‘FOLLOWED THE RULES AND DID NOT TAKE ANY PICTURES’ (except the one below in the dirt lot with me in my new hat).  That’s a large horse trailer in the background (in case you thought they had a Rem Koolhaas fairgrounds building). 

Anyway, I mentioned to my friend of my parents research of alternate living situations, my friends from church of the same age that are moving back to New York to be with their family, and then said, ‘as much as I enjoy Tucson, I didn’t really move here (at age 55) for the same reasons that others retire to the desert.’ I didn’t quite use those words, and I maybe just thought it. I mean…we’ve all gotta go someplace…somewhere…sometime. 

And, I did touch upon the stress on the medical community in this area and how my Five Star Hospital Indemnity plan (of the perpetually self/part-time employed/cash pay person…it’s not bad, out of Nebraska, I believe, BUT…) was apparently ‘lacking a bit’ of status with the current mindset of providers and staff, though they HAVE been capable, efficient in filing, and kind. Maybe the tide will turn, though a friend at 65 said to me (she was just turned away from a chosen Dr.) ‘none of them are taking medicare anymore.’ Youth, you may have a chance!

But this is what has given me a chuckle since our conversation earlier. He said, “A lot of people retire in Prescott.”  I didn’t bristle or address this, I just thought about it. Now, to my other friend, I had just mentioned that before I was job-seeking, I had been considering renting something in Paris or Bourges for a year (or 6 months…but it CAN take some time to get your WI-FI all setup…at least here).  So, his perception of my glamour aside, I realized why that idea seemed so funny.

That is, I thought to myself, ‘it would have to be for Love.’ And, it is true…Prescott is a charming town, good restaurants, the historic Hassayampa Inn,  just the limited amount of shops + limited big box that I love, there’s even The Home Depot! Way more than we had in Liberal or Dodge. And, I know I’d get a LOT more productive work done than I have since I moved to the city.

Hassayampa Inn Reception Desk


Beautiful niche.

Please don’t totally resent, what maybe was (in the day) the one percent (or even 10 or 20%), we would have few beautiful historic places. Open to the public.

‘Hey, cow-boay…I hear yo’ lookin’ foh-a Ro-day-Ooo!’

But I thought, I’ve done this. I know in the depths of my heart from where that expression comes in ‘western’ venues (Venii??). (I mean ‘Been there, done that’, and in case you haven’t heard this one either…‘where’s the Beef?’ [in Kansas]). But, back to topic…

  • yes, Done it, In Action,
  • 28 years on the High Plains,
  • 30 miles from a town of 15,000, 55 miles for 14 years pre…
  • painted, crafted, non-profited, loved, designed, cooked, had ‘family and neighbors’ more in 5 years than I may ‘do’ for the rest of my life. But that’s okay. We all get tired.

So, back to thoughts of how perhaps, I MIGHT retire to Prescott. Hmmm…

  • maybe if he looked like Richard Gere…naawww, that’s usually not enough criteria.
  • Well…maybe if they built a Eurail (I guess they would call it something like an AzCalMexRail, but of course, more clever) and had a stop in Prescott. That might be nice. But…not likely in my lifetime.
  • Or This! Maybe if the SME class of 1978 (or any class is fine!), or at least a sprinkling, retired in the area. With Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Clarkdale, Jerome…all kinds of cool RV and mobile home parks…and beautiful properties in Sedona…well, it’s an idea...there’s something for everyone

Anyway, there’s no real summary here. I’ll have to give it some thought. But, if you do go to the Starbucks as you enter the downtown area, take a minute to enjoy the view. Noooo, not that view (as lovely as it is). I meant the gents having coffee in the 60s+ crowd having coffee and reading. All I can say is…

they must work out.’