Rosie’s Jet Pack Job

by admin

My Day Job


P:  Hey, what’s with the getup, Rose?

Rose: Oh, this little thing?


Um…well, I am trying to avoid ‘the formation of lesions in the spinal cord, particularly the part located at the base of the neck known as the caudal cervical spine.  If these lesions form, they exert a compressive effect on the spinal cord.’

P:  Rose, it sounds like you are reading that right out of wikipedia or google or something, say it in plain language.

Rose:  No, it’s from Pug Village, and yes, I’m blatantly pugiarizing. But, I can’t say anymore, it was difficult and painful enough to read about it. But, I did think I would just borrow this apparatus. It appeared it might ‘strah-dle the caudal’ discs and avoid this problem.

P:  Hmmm…

So….why aren’t you lying on your back?

Rose: Well…it is….um….

Well….that is….

P:  Rose….

Rose:  Ok, I got another job. I kind of got into a little bit of a deal legally which is another story. I don’t want to talk about it. But,  I’m not a rotary anymore. I’m kind of like, de-rotarized.

P:  A Rotary? You were were kicked out of Rotary? I didn’t even know they had a pug category.

Rose:  Oh, no, I meant a Notary. Remember in spring of ’15? You even used me to buy your townhouse from Miriam, the Tucson Belle. You wrote about it when you were experiencing para-iOS-anoia & got me all wrapped up in it. I hear it’s quite common with those in your generation, the delusions & everything. Really too bad…

P:  Hmm…..

I don’t know.  And please don’t get off on me, it was a cute poem.   That sounds pretty serious, to have had your notarization credentials rescinded.

Rose: Don’t even ask. I guess you can ask the Sheriff about it.

You guys seem to have made up, but I….

well, I said I wasn’t going to talk about it. Let’s just drop it.

P:  Rose, if you are working I need to know something! 

Rose: Someone’s  gotta work around here…

Paula:  Okay, so tell me about this job…I mean, is that harness a part of the job? It looks very heavy….like you could carry your bike on it or something…

Rose:  Oh, don’t pay any attention to this, I know it’s not very attractive.

Sometimes I cover it up with a backpack.

…but…you know..I’m just trawling, whatever that means.

P:  Trawling around where?

Rose:  Oh, just whatever spot I happen to find myself in.  Sometimes if it feels hot, I stop in that stop, I like warm places.  And, Just because I’m getting a little grey, doesn’t mean I can’t keep all the circuits going …there’s work to be done out on the street. I’m kind of a chien de la nuit.

…actually, though, I’m in IT.

So…you know

I can’t really discuss my work.

P:  Right. You know I’d love to ask more, but I will not. 

Rose:  Good. Now That’s a start!