A few from my mother

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"Ginny and Dean, Officer Training School Graduation

"Ginny and Dean, Officer Training School Graduation, circa 1958, Quantico or Camp LeJeune?

“The first day that your father went off to Basic Training at Quantico, he was told that a Marine is married first to the Marine Corps and second to his wife.”


"Dean Graves, makin'em laugh

the deaner, makin'em laugh

“I’d like to tell you differently but it never gets any easier.” GG, the Nelson Art Lady to her daughters.


The best man at my wedding

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Mare and colt with a stud.

Mare and colt with a stud.

The beautiful yogi mother of 6, the Wichita Falls decorator, and the late Washington lobbyist. “He wore them out” said my friend who is an artist, a house flipper a decade before the term, and grew up on a ranch in Colorado. She knows the rancher man-type.

He certainly didn’t wear them down and continued to keep company with intelligent and interesting women throughout his life.

A girl child’s fear of rings

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"the constricting ring"

the girl child's constricting ring

This is a story of my girl child’s fear of rings. It’s like sleeping or anxiety, the fear of getting it off just makes it worse to the point that even lubricants don’t work. The principal had to drive her from Forgan to the Beaver hospital to get it cut off. Loosen it up or take it off before it gets this bad. Don’t know if this has passed but I’ve only just now seen her wearing a loose ring on occasion, age 22.