Don’t fence me in….

by admin

I told somebody recently that if you’ve got your mind, you don’t ever have to be bored anywhere. I take it back, too much to think about in there, out there in those wide open spaces.

I’m afraid I have to go to town and maybe I’ll be bored for a while, take a break from the way I’ve been using the gray. ¬†You can get lost in there with too many speeding tickets and maybe lose your license…

Jack Adams

Cowboy take me away...set me free hope I pray...closer to heaven above....John Graves Adams horseback.

in there, out there in those wide open spaces.

2 comments on “Don’t fence me in….

  • Paula- Was great to see you again while on your journey back from Sante Fe. Work is keeping me busy…learning a lot of new stuff, but customer relations is still basic regardless what you do. Enjoyed reading some of your musings….will read more as you update the website. Give us a heads up when you are headed this way again! Take care~


    • Mike, I would say manager at Liberal Country Club, Southwinds in Garden, Community Concerts, Pancake Day Board and assistant Manager at Carriage Club in KC to just name a few has definitely given you all the skills at customer relations. You certainly track on people across a wide expanse. Thanks for the recent help with aesthetic decisions, you have received many compliments.

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