4 comments on “SME Reunion at Johnny’s at 119th this April, 2011.

  • If differences between “truly successful” and “truly delusional” are an either/or proposition, I vote: both!
    Lovely choice of pictures, btw! Good news: got a hair cut at the Prairie Village barber shop last week.
    Happy Easter!

  • Tom,
    did you go to Windy Gifford, owner and of the beautiful coif or Dalton, or is Dalton gone now?

    I feel a barber post coming on…feel free to offer and I’ll include in my stories from Meade, Maple Hill, Beaver, Oklahoma, and Liberal, USA.

  • Jonnie cuts my hair- she has the last seat in Windy’s shop. They’re closing the basement storefront (down near Toon Shop tunnels) after 34 years and moving ANOTHER chair into Windy’s area to accomodate. It’ll be cramped with 5 chairs now, but the home town atmosphere is still wonderful.
    There’s a rumor that Toon Shop is moving next to Windy’s in the vacant design space. They’ll keep the music classes in the basement but move retail to a corner storefront. Not sure why – the corner space is more expensive.
    Fairway is getting a new pizza joint – Pizza 51 West. It’ll be in the old Sinclair station at 60th and Mission Rd. Owners are a young couple with 3 kids. They own Pizza 51 off of Oak street (@ 51st st across from UMKC campus). The building was another old gas station. It’s really good pizza and, hopefully, will become a great spot for friends to hang out.

    • Great location for a pizza place. I’m thinking it was n. to s., Sinclair, Mission Highlands grocery store with Danny and Regina Sosebee, then another building which then became Hadley Warwick’s animal hospital? I will have to look next weekend in KC.

      How can the Toon Shop fit in that space over by the Windy’s? I took guitar there that never took. And, in 7th grade at Indian Hills, we all walked down after school and took dance lessons from Bob Griffith and this lovely lady in the very big basement. Fox-trot, cha cha cha, waltz…my foundations in ballroom dancing. There was a tailor downstairs, too.

      I just looked in yearbook, but did Meadowbrook people go to the Village? I think I only went to Corinth for a Harzfeld’s that used to be there. Back in the day, we didn’t drive that far for services. Thank you for posting with all of this update, Tom.

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