le sketch du jour: arrival in Morzine and evidence that I did know who Led Zeppelin was.

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June 22, 1980. Morzine, France.


Look!  I did know who Led Zeppelin is, it’s right here in my French sketchbook.  So, here’s a few excerpts…

Ran at 7:00 (2 3/4 miles). We left at 8:30. Drove ’til 11:00. Stopped at a Romanesque Cathedral Paray-le-Monail. Town is very pretty with river and flowers and lots of green grass.

Picnic’ed for lunch.  Stopped in various towns on way to Morzine. Drove through outskirts of Geneva. Many people live in Geneva but live in France.  This way they are able to make swiss money which is good but have a French cost of living (Geneva is very expensive).

Arrived in Morzine at 7:00. Sunny and darling little town. Looks like Aspen only the original instead of U.S. interpretation of an Alpine Resort.  Lots of little cottage-type swiss places.

Dinner at 7:30. Delicious! Boef Bourguignon avec des nouilles (noodles), le potage (thin celery soup), le pain, la salade verte, et une petite tasse de glace chocolat with a darling little cookie. It was very pretty!


Amy Adams, from Julie and Julia. "Oh, Julia, you make it sound so simple."


I have made Julia’s boeuf bourguignon and it is worth every step.

There is a bar downstairs at this Auberge de Jeunesse where everyone sits around & watches some Athletic thing on tv. [note attention to details of specific sport has not improved, but I’m thinking this time of year it might have been Wimbledon? at least I capitalize Athletic to give importance] Dinner was served in another room on long wooden tables.

George (an older-looks Swiss man very athletic-looking) is the head chef and two younger guys, Dénis and another who I don’t know the name of.  Hank is the owner and Mary Anne is his wife.  They are about 30. Mary Anne plays Led Zeppelin in the A.M. about 8:00!! [and it was this song, I utubed and listened to a few and this was it so now I know the name, Kashmir] They speak French and German.

This shows you the difference between different Auberges. They were both only 20 francs ($5) but this one is so nice.  I’m in a room with Sharon & Nixie. Sharon just graduated form KU in graphic design & Nixie will be a senior at CU.  We have a sink et la W.C. is across the hall.  The showers are downstairs but there is lots of hot water & a washing machine. Bonsoir! [Can you see how happy I am with the hot water and bathing and washing facilities?]






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