Lace, mr. diCaprio, and Greensburg

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"We love creative minds"

We love creative minds

Breaking the rule about my children with this one.  Lace was with Leo from the very beginning. She is also a psych(o) major.

Lace about the time of Gilbert Grape

Lace about the time of Gilbert Grape

She’s always had your back.

Mother:  “But what’s the deal with the models?”

Lace:  “He’s just going through a phase.”

Mother:  “But be careful what you wish for, it’s not always what it seems, look at Katie & Tom, look at Kelly & John.”

Lace: “Who’s talking about marriage?”  (see a girl child’s fear of rings)

Branding June 09. Jack and Lace, Kevin Lewis, the crew.

Branding June 09. Jack and Lace, Kevin Lewis, the crew. Lace is the one whose horse is pointing north.

And, we have some connections in Greensburg where we really appreciate your support.

Greensburg is 92 miles northeast of the XIT Ranch, a stone’s throw. Kevin Lewis worked with Lace’s father and grandfather for 24 years.  He is now a free agent cowman, saddlemaker, poet, and tells a good story living at his family’s homeplace south of Greensburg.

His wife’s cousin, a Huffman, is a patrolman you may encounter if you cruise thru on 54. A warning: the speed limit in this town is like 10 mph for what seems like a county . Stop and visit the Art Center, designed by Rockhill’s Studio at KU.  Dan Rockhill is a master recycler.  These are all good things to know in case you come for a ribbon cutting.

And, if you come in June we’ll let you help brand, but you have to start at the bottom. Lace’s brother Jack is tired of pushing calves in the chute. You would like him, he’s a musical dancing engineer-in-training cowboy and just helped take the KU Phi Delts to Rock Chalk. If you know Paul Rudd, please let Jack know when he’ll be back home to KC.  They can meet at Capitale Grille on the Plaza and Jack will bring some Jayhawk basketball players he’s buddies with if Bill will let them out of practice. Jack  also does a mean, “it’s the way of the future.”

"John Adams with his daughter, Lacy"

John Adams with his daughter, Lacy

But, you may have get through this guy. She’s her own agent, but his voice on her cell, “please leave an appropriate message” can be a bit off-putting for the faint of heart.

She may be out of Kansas by the time you stop by, but she’ll make the trip up and will facebook her 1,731 friends in Kansas and abroad for your arrival if she’s still on facebook post graduation.

So, even though you’re not a nice Kansas boy, fine job with your end on the green. We’re doing our part with the cowboy environmentalism: good land management and affordable proven new technologies.  And another one, if it ain’t broke….

3 comments on “Lace, mr. diCaprio, and Greensburg

    • Rehearse, rehearse…waiting for Leo to call.

      When dick (gere) calls I’ll ask him about his father (on second thought, he’d probably really be getting up there so I’ll have to phrase a different way so he won’t be aware that I haven’t researched if dad’s dead).

      Then, I’ll remind him of his story about his father growing tomatoes at the table by the cascading wall where we sat back to back at La Colombe d’Or in France, during le festival de Cannes, May 1987. Do you remember that you were conceived shortly upon my return…? Mar. 15th a beautiful baby Lacy. Just wish I’d reached back to tousle that hair. GG was annoyed, I didn’t even touch my quenelles (note to self of another French speciality not to try ever again: they’re like fish in foam in a white sauce).

    • Always be ready for the call, Lacy. Rehearse, rehearse….Something like “I’ve been waiting for your call…” Tone, clothes….just at night… before you go to bed… after a busy day… give it a minute….

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