Santa Fe Cowboys: Sam, Sam and Tommie Lee

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Santa Fe Star Reportee, the paula paparazzi

“Committing another boundary invasion but here an interesting one. This is Sam Shephard in bar at Rio Chama. the 2nd time I’ve dined with him in Santa Fe. The first was with he, Jessica, and the kids in a French restaurant off Grant.  I think he had a driver.  Finally, I  found a place in Santa Fe where people knew KU basketball should be on the flatscreen, with wireless for my mac, with good beef.”

-Facebook, Mar. 19, 2011.

"Playwright Sam Shepherd"

Playwright Sam Shepard, Rio Chama Bar, Santa Fe, NM

Citings: Pink Adobe, sum 2004.

Sam Donaldson and date

Menu: Rosalea’s apple pie a la mode de cinnamon.

Trivia:  Sam Donaldson has a ranch.

comment:  Like flies to cowdung what I am doing wrong…even the celebrites I site seem to be landed kinda cowboys with ranches and they are climbing out of the wordwork…

Tommie Lee and his beautiful dark-haired wife were spied by Jack on the way to the restroom. Though, I felt we’re almost related already to Tommie Lee through my friendship with Paul Clark, an oil and gas landman in Amarillo, who was classmates at UT with Tommie’s wife #2.

Menu: dunno, since Jack spied him on a restroom trip he didn’t pause to glance.

Demeanor:  Tommie, grouchy. Wife, charming

Trivia:  After we dined, a son I know, his travel copy of Lonesome Dove for southwest road trips in hand, catches the eye of the pretty lady and asks for a sign from Mr. Jones.  “Where do you live?,”  she asks. “on a ranch”.  “so do we,”  she said. A signed copy, “Lieutenant Jack Call.”


“Ranching is one of the most creative things you can do.”

-A Landowner in San Saba and Van Horn, Texas. I saw this in an article about Tommie Lee Jones that was in Vanity Fair.


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