Girls Night Out: Award Winning filmmaker, Chicago news journalist, and the Object of his Erec…

by admin

They always start out so charming….and this was kind of cute…

Ms. Mann moving in for the low angle on man.....

But they’ve ALLLLways gotta take it too far, don’t they? 

Cannot be real and uneven tanningbedlines on the asscheeks...

By the end of his number, we all felt really bad for this probably nice guy for having to make a living this way. And the poor object of his affections had broken out in a cold sweat, not exactly what you’d call foreplay.

“It’s so degrading,” said the journalist.

Plus, I don’t think we tipped very well. Who wouldn’t be afraid to touch something so writhing and goatish?

I’m sure men feel the same sympathy for women working the stripper pole.

And by the way, if you ever travel to Canada on a sales trip, my brother-in-law says getting taken to the Strip Club is just part of closing the deal.



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