le sketch du jour: 4 July, 1980. “Happy 4th! It is not celebrated here at ALL.” running, and my wild roommate.

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One of my running routes: 6 1/4 miles, île de la cité to la tour eiffel

[Please tell me that I am joking at times when I wrote things like this below at American holidays…unfortunately, I don’t think I am]

Friday, July 4th, 1980.

Happy 4th!  It is not celebrated here at ALL.


Anyway…woke at 9:00 AM- Didn’t get moving until about 10:00 though.  Ran about 6 1/4 miles. I ran down to the bridge that crosses the Seine across from Eiffel Tower.  Then back towards Louvre to the 2nd little island.  (see map:  I actually ran to Île St. Louis).  Then, back down along the Seine to Louvre, then home.  

Had breakfat in little room downstairs, croissant & thé. Everyone seemed to have slept late-everyone was eating at it was 11:00.


Went to bank to get money for train (bus-that is) to London.  It is going to be $70.00.  Couldn’t confirm reservations all the way thru so I need to return Mon. The Place is actually accueil de jeunes-france, 124 Rue St. Martin (métro stop rambuteau).  It is just across from Pompidou Center.  They also give you 25% off on train fares & speak English.   [highly recommended when traveling though have no horror story to tell yet].

[see Beauborg sketch and post]


Charlie called.  I found a note that she said she’d left for Cannes in the middle of the night last night [Charlie was my wild roommate from the little town of Toledo, Texas. She had short very dark brown hair, kind of almond eyes, and was a fairly big girl, that is hefty). Anyway, she had met a guy from Kuwait who wanted to take her shopping & to Cannes.  They couldn’t get reservations (they are going next weekend).  So, she was at some hotel.  She said she was going to dinner with him tonight & wouldln’t probably see me until tomorrow but she did want to go dancing with us (Parsons people) tomorrow night and did I want to go?  She said “I don’t know if this guy will come or not, but if he does, it’s a free night.” [hmmm….]  I was a little vague- but if anyone else goes, I will, too.  Sounds like it could be interesting.  That’s all I know-I didn’t ask any questions!

Well, about it-see you tomorrow!

P.S. The man at the desk here is darling!  he told me to run down to the Luxembourg Gardens-He said he lives near there and ran for 2 weeks and quit (he said he even bought a running suit so he wouldn’t quit and did!).  He showed me lots of good museums to go to & asked my opinion of Beaubourg.





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