le sketch du jour, July 3, 1980. Postscript. The moral is: remember you are your father’s daughter.

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Okay, Ginna Getto and Cindy Bean, here’s your story paraphrased!  

July 3, 1980. journal entry.

P.S. I have to tell a story about KU group that KU girls from Tennessee and Gower Place told me. Pure gossip, but funny.  Girl in Cindy’s room at youth hostel in Morzine hadn’t been home at nights while she was there.  She had met some boy at a café.

This is Cindy talking..

“Well…we decided the first night that she had just gotten caught up with talking and hadn’t looked at the clock ’til 8:30 am. NBD.  Then, it happened every other night.  O.K. Still NBD.  Professor Anderson said not to go home with anyone, but whatever, it’s her business.  Anyway….”

  • It is Sun. AM and after packing up the night before, it is the day to depart on a long bus ride to Paris.
  • Breakfast is at 7:30 and everyone is to be packed & ready to leave at 8:30.
  • The above-mentioned girl hadn’t left the auberge the evening before until 1:00 AM because her garçon ami had to work.
  • The KU bus is waiting at the Hostel.  Waits, waits.
  • Finally they decide they must find her.

The bus with Professor Anderson at the helm and Jeannie at the wheel drives to the café to ask the owner the guy’s name with whom the girl +avoir des relations sexuelles.  And, the address.

The bus, all seats full of the peering KU French Department, goes to the lad’s apartment.  As the bus is running, waiting, Professor Anderson mounts the steps and rings the bell repeatedly, rrrinnngg, rrrinnngg, rrrinnngg.

Luxembourg Lines and loose-y lady on the landing.

Finally inhabitants wake up.  The KU co-ed comes to the door, hair disheveled, mascara under her eyes, some article of French men’s clothing thrown over her naked body.

The bus continues to wait as the jeune fille (coquine, vilaine, malicieux désobéissant..take your pick) gathers her clothes to cover herself.

The bus must now return to Auberge and wait again so girl can pack her things which she had not thought to do the night before in her hasty retreat for “un plan cul” (booty call) that final night to remember.

Poor, poor girl!  But sort of funny, too! 🙂



One comment on “le sketch du jour, July 3, 1980. Postscript. The moral is: remember you are your father’s daughter.

  • I will never forget this! It was hilarious. Her name was “Danielle,” only it really wasn’t. I forget what the girl’s actual name was, but I remember that she named herself Danielle for the duration of the France trip. By the way, her wild ways did not improve after we got to Paris. She just had many more cafe boys to chose from.

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