Plurality: Little Love, women have many husbands.Not Dan Rockhill. He has a quote.

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Dan RockhillDan Rockhill

Why would anyone want more than one wife?  Dan the Man, KU circa 1991. see Marvin Hall

Well, I would suggest multiple husbands. And, living on a ranch and being pretty isolated, I always thought that Big Love sounded like a blast for the women. It seems like a nightmare for Bill Paxton. I have a sneaking suspicion that many happy people are really only connecting with their spouses in whatever way, dinner, deep talks, budget discussions, logistics, social a few times a week, if even that.  Here are my current.

  • The philosophical Mennonite contractor, I’ll fix the wood slider doors on the closet one time, Ken.
  • The handyman Delbert Cash who can explain everything I didn’t learn or understand in my dumbed down for architects KU engineering classes and doesn’t even turn off the electricity when changing plates from cream to white, tough guy.
  • The honeydo, Thomas Cash, who follows every intricate thought process of getting lights on at Christmas.  Also detects micromanagement, “didn’t John want some sandwiches for the horse shoer” during cord placement
"Delbert and Thomas Cash, Paula's bathroom

Delbert and Thomas Cash in Paula's 1960 bathroom, reducing the carbon footprint XIT style

  • The flat tire fixers, at Don’s Farm Tire, Plains Co-op, Clingan’s, Weaver’s, and stray men along 54 hwy.
  • The shared cowboys: Corey Rickard, Dustin Ellis, Cooper, H.G. (these are really shared cowboy sons) and Kell Adams
Dustin & Corey unloading a bench at guest house

Dustin & Corey unloading a bench at the guest house

"Tanner Rollins, H.G. and Cooper Adams, Nat'l Geographic Dec 07, p. 122

Tanner Rollins, H.G. and Cooper Adams, Nat'l Geogrpahic Dec 07, p. 122

Paula and Kell Adams

Paula and Kell Adams, early in their relationship when they were both a little uptight

  • And of course, the sweet smile and companion husband, the boss man.

John waving

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