Sex and the Kitty: Preservation Girls Night Out. A funny video.

by admin

21st c. Barbie has her car, her computer and her...

I wanted to call title this PVs$y Galorious but my father sometimes looks at my blog and I don’t use such words though I’ve been hearing them quite a bit lately.

The setting:  a lovely contemporary historic modern home in Riverside Park of 13th St. The owner is the Preservation Director for the city of Wichita.

We’ll stay on a no name basis here, but it was girls night out (that is, after the men had left) representing Cowtown Historical Museum, Wichita State University, a key figure at Skare animal clinic and Paula.

I am unable to post my embed code from utube which I don’t understand (not famous enough?), so I apologize for including kitty porn in my blog, it’s just temporary until I can resolve the issue.  I’ll also work on the laughing at my own jokes thing while filming, my family hates this, says it ruins the delivery.


note: Personally, I have to ask them to turn off the massage chair when getting pedicures because I get a headache from all that jarring. I tried this on my neck, even worse. Don’t understand the attraction.


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