Belles of the American Royal 82

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"Betsy Ridge, Paula Graves, Diana Churchman



"KC Star, Betsy Ridge, Paula Graves, Diana Churchman. I think Betsy is describing her escort.

BOTARS by Laura Hockaday, Saddle & Sirloin? Allendale?

By the end of it and all the articles, we’d all had our share of time in print. Barby Allen’s was most impressive and she’s lived up to the write-up.  We probably all had horseback riding lessons at Allendale, so this was most appropriate; and she has served the state of Kansas in public office and still rides for competition.

"Connie Tutera Mendolia party"

Connie Tutera's party. pictured top to bottom, l to r: Ann McCray/Anne Potter/Barby Allen, ?/Connie Tutera, ?/Sue Holden/Leslie Evans, Sarah Smull/Paula Graves/Leslie Evans, Anne Hickok/?/Caroline Cooke

This was a particularly great party hosted by Lou & Dom Tutera & Connie Tutera Mendolia. Boss man spent a lot of time here during Pembroke tenure. He has recounted fond memories of experiencing family with Nonnie, Lucille, Connie, Mike, Peaches and Joe, all in context of Dom’s beautiful western bronzes and lots of pasta.

"KC BOTAR 82 party at Three Friends"

Mary Kerr and Paula Adams BOTAR party at Three Friends


Paula and Mary's Invitation, drawn by Dean Graves

All the BOTARS hosted separate parties. Mary Kerr and Paula Adams had theirs at Three Friends Hall at 27th and Prospect. It was collard greens and black-eyed peas with jazz from Rich Hill and the Riffs featuring the one and only Ida McBeth. We invited our friends, so Kathy Kindred Noonan, Susan Grier Campbell, Marthe Tamblyn, Mary Landon and Dave Kerr were there.

"BOTAR party at Three Friends"

Paula and Kathy, Sarah Smull, Ann Hickok, help me out, Jay Donohue, David Kerr and Marthe

"Mike Tutera, John Adams, Tom Ward"

Mike Tutera, John Adams, Tom Ward. One of many appearances Mike put in for John.

"Betsy Ridge, Mary Landon, Paula Graves"

"Betsy, Mary: the most beautiful homecoming queen of SME ever, Paula

Mike Tutera, Steve Siegfried, John Adams

You had to have these two guys at any respectable KC party in the 80s.

"The original Marlboro Man"

Sorry Ree, here's the original Marlboro Man as photographed in 1982 by Jack Rees, Jr. a KC Artist, in KC Style. This was when you could still smoke in confined spaces. He's got'em and he still smokes'em but not in the house. Meet him outside.

This is my escort John Adams. He was also my fiancé.  A BOTAR cannot be married, but can be engaged. I think being engaged at your debut is a little like selling the cow before the auction but the Ward-Graves women went young. Why didn’t my mother warn me about a man like this?

(see letters from Harry Darby)

7 comments on “Belles of the American Royal 82

  • Paula, this is fantastic! What a trip down memory lane! We were so, umm, ’80s back then 🙂
    We had a great class and a ton of fun. Thanks for posting!

    • Wasn’t it fun? Hope to go this fall to Ball. Would love to re-connect in KC sometime, not there so often as parents sold house but always my town.

    • Anne,
      Possibility of attending BOTAR Ball in fall 2011. Do you ever go? Or to any other BOTAR events? I would love to see you. Thank you for posting

  • Paula, wow – what a blast from the past! The Marlboro Man looking so dapper! He and I and Jim Beam were good buddies back before we should have been.

    Thanks for pointing me to Mike T. Amazing life with a tragic end.

    Cheers to you Paula! Love your spirit … love your soul!

    • I could comment but I won’t.

      But, isn’t Michael so handsome? So charismatic. Some people maybe have to feel it all for all of us, hurts. He’s in a better place I know.

  • I love seeing all of the pictures and reading about everything! This is fun to see – things haven’t really changed that much, love you. Thanks for posting.

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