XIT Thanksgiving 2010

by admin

The 220 volt to range blew out with all my lights which means horse apples out of luck 30 miles from town the day before Thanksgiving. Just head on out to another domestic structure (the guest house former bunkhouse) and push those hay bales out of the kitchen so I can use that range. Life in the Deep Rural, get over it.

The kids will be home soon….Back to my own Thanksgiving preparation style:

visual/put up lots of lights;

entertainment/write protect everything from Fran Lebowitz to Glee for some good quality family time in the country watching movies;

relationships/attempt to creatively solve any unresolved marital conflict that may erupt with stress of adult and presque adult children arriving today.

"Lace and Jack, at the stove, guest house kitchen"

"Lace and Jack at the stove, guest house kitchen. by Jack Adams."

Since I couldn’t cook, I went to the attic and got out the toys for a little welcome home tableau in the kitchen.

"which one? any? and why?

which, if any? and why?


"Lace's choice of men for the girls"

a girl child I knew chose these men for the girls

Elfs… eunuchs, our favorite men? Get real, Barbie likes real guys that like to hang out with women, the gay ones. Look at the clothes….

"quelle nightmare for some, collecting children a la Angelina"

Quelle nightmare for some, collecting children a la Angie


"It's important for a woman to have prioritize her possessions:  shoes and bots, sunglasses cell phone and makeup kit.

It's important for a woman to prioritize.


Pretty proud of all the matched Barbie shoes but threw in a few singles that were particularly stylin’. Barbie’s cell phones never saw a scale change. They would be smaller than the blackberry chip.  The makeup kit has a blow dryer.

"roasted vegetables"

Roasted sweet potatoes, green beans, acorn squash, brussels sprouts

Made it to Thursday. Prime rib, turkey breast, roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, derby pie and called it good. We all survived the holiday in the country together, 5 people in a house on a ranch on a river, a family of four and their favorite funny Uncle Charlie. That’s a family that stays together in one form or another, however it takes shape, because we are all that we had to survive and make it. Try it sometime!

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