Linking it all together…friends, jewelry, and some Neil Young.

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I have been making some bracelets for very special friends in Wichita in the holiday months. I will be moving this next month to Kansas City. I keep my friends, eternally, in one place or form or another and in my heart, just like the Neil Young song.


(We are all painters in his workshop in different ways, our lives the landscape. I like this song.) 


I was meeting with a life coach of sorts, working on my inventory over breakfast last week before the New Year. I gave her a bracelet for her new-mommy-daughter-in-law-Lisa, whom I had just met and for her, my friend Anne.

When I commented on Lisa’s wristlet, I mentioned that the multi-colored rings were of a different gauge. My concern was with the strength of the bracelet to resist a strong end-to-end stress test. How this might happen in the strenuous activity of jewelry-wearing, I do not know. But, I like to cover all my bases for problems in my homemade gifts.

note: gauge is the weight and circumference of metal.

Jump rings. Different resulting chains.

Paula to Anne in comparing their two bracelets:

“Yours has the heavier jump rings, but Lisa’s colored rings are very weak .” (Weak here meaning very easy to bend open. That is, fingers instead of jewelry pliers).

“But, I think when they are all linked together, the structural integrity of the whole is very, very strong.”  

Of course after this statement, I was then intensely into pulling on this colored chain to illustrate un-wearer-tested potential flaws in construction. But then I looked up, finally realizing consciousness of words and actions, in so many ways around this trusted servant.

Anne, a schoolteacher said, “and isn’t this always the truth.” 

by Anne Mitchell & Paula Graves Adams.

The Good Egg, Bradley Fair Wichita. Dec. 30th, 2011.

Nothing’s really original or unique but the moment.

This is for the famous Cathy Faber of Cathy Faber's Swingin' Country Band in Santa Fe. I met through our SME friend who is, I think, consistently her drummer of late. She has a new CD, look for it!


skull: Day of the Dead, history, ancestors, Mexico

cow:  We are both cowgirls of sorts.

boots: what girl doesn’t love a good pair of riding boots?

cross: don’t know if fit, but regardless, important to Santa Fe.

This is for another Santa Fe Band with whom our SME friend plays, Bus Tapes. I met Heather through him but also then connected with our common interests in the arts and her degree. Her day job is with the International Folk Art Museum. She is beautiful, young and wise, newly married to hot husband, and Bus Tapes' lead singer and a songwriter.


see the hippie bus? love it, ebay.

roll of tape+ “s”. wish I knew origin. last 1.

skull: same a.a.

silver oblong bead: some Ginny Graves finds.

This is for my friend Genevieve. You know thoughts and clothes coach. Her family history in fine men's suiting-tailoring for generations. She carries on with her father for both genders. She just had her baby, and she's right back on her horse at Brick's in the afternoons with Rory sidesaddle. A bit wild-eyed, but stable.


baby shoe

hand with dangling heart: Shaker handcraft motif

vintage enamel monkey: kids.

(this is interesting…I found in my drawer on old broken Susan Nichols-Lopez necklace. Susan is some descendant or connection with Nichols of K.C., J.C., and was/is jewelry designer, I think in Santa Fe? Don’t know relation to Wayne Nichols, the architect-developer there or quote me on this, I don’t have time to call Ginny. She (my mom) had this made for me in high school. She used wire wrap and old stuff. Recycle, recycle, recycle again!

copper heart with anodized coloring: old cut up thing.

crosses: Kapaun. A good catholic KU Pi Phi girl.

cow: URGENT…”KC cowgirl to Gen! S.O.S.! send out stylish duds”

round frame: will have tiny rory pic.

note: this more intricately patterned chain came about because the heavy gauge jump rings were smaller and way-to-tight for the plainer box link.

And back to Neil’s words in the songs about dreams which give me pause.

I do get confused sometimes with all the places, people, and reasons why, when and where I, or actually someone higher up, placed my paint. Maybe everyone does. But when I have faith and love, I am never lost.

The Never Really End.

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