Getting ‘The Boot…’

by admin
Frye'd... with studs...  that's how ah like'em!

with studs…
that’s how ah’ lik’em!

Sometimes for a Cowgirl

there must be risks

…that one takes

…with one’s actions

that were never a conscious thought

but, it might just be

that it was worth the risk

despite the costs

to get  ‘The Boot!

God has a plan

….put on your boots

and cinch up the straps…

ladies… we’re going for another ride...!

-Paula Elizabeth Graves, July 9, 2013.

2 comments on “Getting ‘The Boot…’

    • Yes,you perhaps received my note re: visiting your site and posting to FB. Please know I’m 57 and while I have/somewhat pre-designed most of the website, relative to coding and plug-ins….well, they made it too easy for me and then life got complicated. So, in that whole department and in regard to doing a guest post, I’ll have to dig around on your site and see if there is a place to make a comment, and/or separate blog, and (what I’d assume), that I have to have some kind of ‘access’ to do so. That is, maybe a comment or reply is the same as a post, but I was differentiating. Irregardless, I like the shoes and will be saving the site for Xmas gifts, etc. and will look for your place to comment. Thank you for the time to write a note.

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