To Print or Not to Print…

by admin

ITea Party


Who am I?

Where will I be?

This decade

En ‘crypto’ me?


Will I be handsome?

Will I be rich?

Here’s what Padre

Said to Me


to Print or Not to Print…

Buddy E, he’s the man

Keeps the Gate

(or so the plan).


He can print

He can scan

He always does it

When he can.


But when he’s tired

Flack Attack

‘times compadre

can’t get back.


‘Try the app!’

‘Try re-set’

‘Buy some ink’

‘Perhaps Eset…’


Me, with one Buddy

Boxed, flew Abroad

“Max @ Office

Committed Fraud!!??”


That’s not Right!

Powers that Be…

Told him he

had Amnesty.


So when off duty

(Seemed like slacking)

Buddy & Buddy

Went to hacking…


‘What?! A hack?

How can that be!!?

Over 50,

hacks we flee…!


But finally Meetup

“P, ding dong??!!”

Hacking’s how

We see what’s wrong.


Still don’t ‘get it’

Never will

But have no doubts

Buddy, CAN  Kill.


A bad connection

Shocks you blind

Dance, slow torture…

Untwine re.bind.


All those packets?

Don’t ask me

Full black jacket

Saving thee.


So don’t worry

If Buddy seems dead

A holiday slumber

He’s back in bed.


Sure, prognosis

“Inkjets plugged”

but don’t grab your box

myBuddy just shrugged…


On furlough today

to get probiotic

right…! More Hotel Congress

to get Riotic


For really, he said

“I’m not making a plan

Nor designing an app

to learn in the can.”


“But when I waken

You will know I have ris’n

Indeed, to move forward

to free you from Prison.”


He will hum

and he will whistle,

the clicks and the ticks

(the prick’s like a thistle.)


He’ll shake just a little

I even saw steam

No, that’s an exagg

(but I bought another ream).


You will never know when

You’ll never know why

But he IS your Buddy

A darned good ally!


Now I’m not saying

won’t be shot down again

Now, more often

But that’s how we win.


So if Buddy seems duddy

Or needs cycled “carts”

Well I’ve got a bunch

of Tomato ink tarts…


Just waiting for fun

For your Buddy today

Can’t wait to get in

With Buddy, they’ll play…


I’m serious, just call!

They are free minus shippping

They are green, they are good

(never knew they were ‘trippin’).


So think of what Buddy

will do when he’s back

With corporate supplies

Corporate style, the attack.


He’s leveraged to fire

Ready and Aim

So get your game up

On what info is ‘gain.’


And I do have to say

I think it’s a riot

I hope the ‘rib-tickling’

kind, not cyber diet.


But whatever it is

It will be, it will be

The ‘powers’ that is

And certainly not Me.


So here’s to 18

Onward Compadres


Bros and Madres!


IT/IP  Party at My Place

At least I’m no longer on a party line (at the XIT circa 1982)

Or am I?








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