Fiber Fiber Everywhere!

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Rose loved the thought….


P:  Rose, what is it that you are getting into???  Seriously…

Rose:  Well, no one has left me anything really tasty lately, so I did think maybe it was time to go to the local Trader and get healthy.

P: Hmmm…if I remember correctly,  you complained about my visit & provisions just last year.

Rose: Wrong again, that was Whole Foods. And, it wasn’t really that bad, it was just that I thought gluten meant vegan and I am not ready for that. In fact, it just isn’t in my 12 steps.

PDon’t say it!  No one likes it when you say it!

Rose: “What?  ____or be killed? Maybe tasty people who haven’t lived on a ranch full of coyotes are offended. Maybe they need some wilderness training on the Hi Plains. How do you think we became so revered in Asian countries…survival of the cutest face’est & intuitive-est….

Well,  I need some hard stuff. Let’s go shopping….

P:  What kind of hard stuff?

Rose:  Well, I do like the higher fiber from Dr. Poage’s .And, the gluten free at Whole foods wasn’t bad. Honestly, I really like all the bright colors though, like Kibbles & Bits and Rachel Ray’s…

P:  Totally get it, Lucky Charms, Trix, Fruit Loops. Everything your mom didn’t buy!

Did that Hill Brothers settle your tum after you found that delicious lunch someone left for you!??

Rose: Yes, but I mean it, I need that other stuff, it is HARD. Industrial Strength, like Foddy & All Bran, Tuff Stuff. I think there are some kind of chips or something in it…maybe I’m supposed to be spreading it around the ‘hood.

….I dunno, Dr Pogue never really gave me any instructions when I went in last.

P:  What’s it called?

Rose:  I don’t know….I think something with Bits, too, like maybe Simply Bits…It sounds delicious to me, I really want to try it, so hurry up & get your phone & purse.

Or, leave the phone-no pics. I feel I may have some kind of conflict of Pinterest.

But, bring your  cappuccino…on second thought,  bring it. You can get some Stars with your few last bucks. I heard your Gold Card is expiring. And…well…maybe not part of the program, BUT….

Now hustle!

I love Starbucks Cake Pops!

Rosie’s Jet Pack Job

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My Day Job


P:  Hey, what’s with the getup, Rose?

Rose: Oh, this little thing?


Um…well, I am trying to avoid ‘the formation of lesions in the spinal cord, particularly the part located at the base of the neck known as the caudal cervical spine.  If these lesions form, they exert a compressive effect on the spinal cord.’

P:  Rose, it sounds like you are reading that right out of wikipedia or google or something, say it in plain language.

Rose:  No, it’s from Pug Village, and yes, I’m blatantly pugiarizing. But, I can’t say anymore, it was difficult and painful enough to read about it. But, I did think I would just borrow this apparatus. It appeared it might ‘strah-dle the caudal’ discs and avoid this problem.

P:  Hmmm…

So….why aren’t you lying on your back?

Rose: Well…it is….um….

Well….that is….

P:  Rose….

Rose:  Ok, I got another job. I kind of got into a little bit of a deal legally which is another story. I don’t want to talk about it. But,  I’m not a rotary anymore. I’m kind of like, de-rotarized.

P:  A Rotary? You were were kicked out of Rotary? I didn’t even know they had a pug category.

Rose:  Oh, no, I meant a Notary. Remember in spring of ’15? You even used me to buy your townhouse from Miriam, the Tucson Belle. You wrote about it when you were experiencing para-iOS-anoia & got me all wrapped up in it. I hear it’s quite common with those in your generation, the delusions & everything. Really too bad…

P:  Hmm…..

I don’t know.  And please don’t get off on me, it was a cute poem.   That sounds pretty serious, to have had your notarization credentials rescinded.

Rose: Don’t even ask. I guess you can ask the Sheriff about it.

You guys seem to have made up, but I….

well, I said I wasn’t going to talk about it. Let’s just drop it.

P:  Rose, if you are working I need to know something! 

Rose: Someone’s  gotta work around here…

Paula:  Okay, so tell me about this job…I mean, is that harness a part of the job? It looks very heavy….like you could carry your bike on it or something…

Rose:  Oh, don’t pay any attention to this, I know it’s not very attractive.

Sometimes I cover it up with a backpack.

…but…you know..I’m just trawling, whatever that means.

P:  Trawling around where?

Rose:  Oh, just whatever spot I happen to find myself in.  Sometimes if it feels hot, I stop in that stop, I like warm places.  And, Just because I’m getting a little grey, doesn’t mean I can’t keep all the circuits going …there’s work to be done out on the street. I’m kind of a chien de la nuit.

…actually, though, I’m in IT.

So…you know

I can’t really discuss my work.

P:  Right. You know I’d love to ask more, but I will not. 

Rose:  Good. Now That’s a start!


Cloud Cover.

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wind turbines in Montezuma

Rows and flows of graying hair

And Dove Dark chocolate daily fare

Catalinas… Cimarron… flowing…stare

I’ve looked at clouds that way.

But now Clouds sometimes block the fun,

They “pop” they “hum”… Me?….Everyone?

So many things are yet undone,

But clouds came through our way.

Cloud Cover

Cloud Cover

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now

From east and west and still somehow

It’s cloud confusions I recall

I really don’t know clouds at all


Goons and loons and big tree swings,

The dizzy dancing, sometimes stings

As every dream and fear are real,

I’ve looked at love that way.

But now it’s just another show,

Let’s all leave laughing, when we go..

And if you care, they all will know,

It gives yourself away.

Lacy's Bedroom on Horizon, with Clouds, and Dreams.

I’ve looked at skies from both sides now

The give and take and still somehow

It’s mother’s m-earth that I recall

I really do not know… it’ll…

Tears and fears and feeling proud,

“share it” “build it” right out loud

In online growing circus crowds,

I’ve looked at life that way.

Paul and Lace XIT

Paul and Lace XIT

But then old friends were acting strange,

The stare was blank, yes something’s changed

Well something’s lost, but something’s gained

In living every day.


Why? must come from inside now.

No win or lose, yet still somehow

It’s life’s delusions I recall

I really don’t know life at all.

scenic overlook at Wolf Canyon

I’ve looked up just West of 98th

Looked east and west and thru my faith

It’s skies and ground that forecast sound

I really Don’t know life-science … At all. (or mechanics, or physics, or code or….etc.)

It’s life’s illusions I recall

I really don’t know clouds


I really don’t know The CloudAt All!

Mothers last Home

by Corporate ranking

Looking at houses

Who wudda’ thunk?

I’d find just the places

With all the right funk

Better Behavior....


Because it’s just structure

Bones the best part

Steel beams and girders

Understand now the Art


But only because

‘Minds me to return

To Joints and to Tendons…

soluvial burn…


Walk or the Walker… Heels ? Big Toe Feels… Stretch? Or the Stretcher?


But Buddy & Sukie

There was also a Place

I’m only suggesting

A lovely nice Space.

Fountains of Couth while Facing The Truth...At Casas Adobes.

Fountains of Couth while Facing The Truth…At Casas Adobes.


Gallery… Nice!

& maybe some clay?

In last final moments

At max one week stay.


I’m sure there’s a hot tub

That has some Wi-Fi

And if modem don’t work

Will have button…to fry!

Here Come de Judge…

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Rose is Moonlighting…

Lady & The Stamp

I don’t really know

If I should say it is so

The Rose actin’ nifty

But a little bit shifty


She’s aware we be movin’

Relieved we’ll be groovin’!

At least so we hope

Asked all but the Pope.


And no guarantees

Of roads or of access

Of ‘biz’? residential?

Research be my Praxis


But yet I have found

With all of the seeking

Don’t often get answers. No Matter.


jus’ what you be leaking…?


Not of me for of course

I am Open Book

But if paying or paid

It’s not fair to look!


For no-sin’ can be nosy

And yours is so flat

So think’n  it’s Rosey

On the side, it’s not Phat!


But here’s why I think 

The Rose is Moonlight’n…


Suddenly when needed

was a notar-y

There appeared Rose

Her paw on my knee.


“Just iPhone it, now..!.

Don’t think you have time

To run all around

The stamp can be mine.”


So I sez to my Pet

‘So how is it legal?

She said, “got my stamp

Because I’m so Regal.”


Well didn’t surprise me

She is quite the Queen…

But how does it pass…

On the line or between?


She said, “it’s a chip…

At the Spa they implant…

Don’t ask any questions

Or go off on a rant…”


Just pay my $5

Or salmon will do

Sardines on the side

Nice tip would be, too.”


But I really dunno?

Something else isn’t right

She’s shifty and loose

Not mad and uptight.


I’m glad she feels purpose

As work gratifi’n

But somehow her nosin’

Now feels like she’s spy’in


I mean when one claims

That their paw is a witness

‘To what?’ I would say?

For God is the litmus…!


But I’m glad she’s ‘in

With the powers that be

Perhaps will sustain her

At least support me!



So what can I say?

The papers she sign

We closed on the house

Stars begin to align