My beautiful best friend Marfa

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Once upon a time it started with going to camp at Sherwood Forrest. We flew to Minneapolis and took a 6 hr. bus ride to Deer River. The camp director was Maxine Gunsolly with assistant and companion Helen. I think Maxine was a Pi Phi with Marthe’s mom Georgeanne Dreher.

"Paula Adams and Marthe Dreher"

Paula and Marthe en route to Sherwood Forrest Camp, KCI, circa 1973

Paula: some kind of platform I can’t google on internet for posterity, man hair, polyester with collar (see trendy never pays), macrame by Paula (see handmade). Marthe’s snoopy pudding pillow, corduroy bells, baretraps.


I first fell in love as we all do with Marthe’s beautiful smile, straight hair, tibetan eyes and sense of style. The dry humor and all the sister beauty and Dick Dreher health tips sealed the deal.

The first day of Jr. high Marthe wore a brown polka-dotted silk once piece skort with brown suede clogs, probably a hand-me-down. I don’t have a picture so I may have to draw one and post it.

Mothers, fathers, guys, sons, daughters and sadness all came later, and the laughing is forever. That’s all for now.

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  • Dear Paula,
    YOU were the stylish one. You always wore and still do all the latest styles All I ever wore was hand-me-downs! and still do! I remember that top-a favorite. The buttons were hearts and it had a tie in back. The pants were actually denim hand-me-downs from my sister Elise.

    Gunny was a Kappa and I’m still not sure how she and my mom crossed paths.

    Love to you always…

  • I grew up in KC, graduated from SME in 1988 and was at SFC in the 80’s. I just heard that Gunny died and was looking for remembrances online and found your web page. I love the pictures. Brings back some fond memories.

  • I too was fortunate enough to go to Camp Sherwood Forrest. However I went in the late 60’s. I believe I was 8 and 9yrs old. I was able to go 2 years in a row.
    Lordy that was a looong time ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I am very sorry to hear that “Gunny” passed away.

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