My Future(s) InSecurity(ies): My Friends of Art

by admin

Imposing and Formidable, Art is actually a real lightweight when compared with anyone too heavy (in their critiques). Must be his experience with all that cocktail party conversation…he prefers to work the room.

Art is my friend,

He is BIG wheel.

Du-ane made him

Gave’em his spiel

And that was quiet

One place we can go

Yellow Rain
Red Heart
Musee Inside…
“We Love Art!”

To escape the rain

To escape the snow

Where ADD will not attack

Still and silence will fight back

So go inside

Well, ‘cept Tues(z)…then,

Students, Teachers are their ‘boos’


Staring Contest...Art Always Wins!

But, look! Just see

How Art Reacts…

Open-minded no attacks

He just listens

To their part

but Mostly, He Protects the Art.


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