Louie Louie where are you?

by admin


Louie Green Apples

Louie Louie where are you?

Louie Louie ‘loved you, too.

Even though we never met

Louie so much more than pet

Louie Louie oh so agile

Never knew you were so fragile.

You were there for steph and jack

Oh so bad they want you back.

Only new diverts from pain

Never knew how much the gain

Louie Louie steph and Jack

Louie with Steph Pappas

Yes, In memory you are back.

Switch the love ne-ver forget

Even if there is some debt…

With the sadness of the past

Thoughts of Louie always last

( sing’in)

Louie loo-ai… oh, yeeea, uh huh, yeeah…

( bumph-buh,


buuumph…bumph bumph)

Louie did die, ooh yea,

yea yea yeeah,

oooh oh aaaah yee-ah..

Louie did live,

given’ given’ did give

Bumph bumph ba-da dah.

Oooh, yea, yea,

oh oh…

yeea yea…

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